INT** & FIN & EST & LV CH LvW-03
Coleridge's Obi-Wan Kenobi
** waiting for FCI confirmation

Hight at the withers: 94 cm
around 75 - 80 kg
Showing, lure coursing, track racing, carting, modeling (Kaija Koo - Mikään ei riitä), ski jouring, agility, stick chasing, swimming. 
Dislikes: Obedience, Boxers. Showing is not fun for him either.
Proven sire
17.5.2003Tor-Björn Skaar, SwedenOpen INT Ch, Lv Ch, LvW-03, BOS, Cacib, Lv CertExcellent type, good head & expression, good neck, body, very nice angulation, front, moves well, well presented.
3.5.3003Bengt Söderholm & Lea HaanpääTemperament test in Turku+182Extremely wonderderful result for Obi/Adolf.
Tallinn Int,
Leni Nousiainen,
ChampionBOS, EST Cert, Cacib, EST ChA bit long bodied. A bit light boned in relation with his size. Enough muzzle. A bit too much stop. Good neck and withers. Ribcage of right kind. A bit steep loin. Excellent paws. Ears unsecure. Flexible movements. A bit short step.


Elizabeth Wogan,
ChampionBOBLovely dog. Good outline. Good neck, shoulder. Excellent topline. Good depth of chest and rear angulation. Typical head with good parallels. Moved well.
Turku Int
Patricia Clayton, Great Britain ChampionExcellent, res-Cacib Of good type with beautiful head. Good mouth and eye. Chiselled foreface, reachy neck flowing into one-layed shoulder. Happy free mover both ways.
14.7.2002 Mäntsälä Des Manton, IrelandOpenWD-3Dog of good size. Good balance of skull and muzzle. Ok for neck and quarters but carrying a little weight over ribs. Ok topline and rear angluation. Moved ok. Perhaps would like a little more drive. Ok temperament.
8.12.2001 Helsinki IntKerstin NilssonOpenWD-4Dog of wonderful size, elegant head, could have a bit warmer expression, a bit open eyes, nice neck, lower and upper line, could be shorter in loin section, good angulated rear, moves with long steps but a bit gay tail.
15.9.2001 Tampere Kurt Nilsson, SwedenOpenWD-2Masculine, excellent type. Good head. Neck approvable, good back. Would like a bit better front angulations, good back. Could be a bit better chest. Acceptable movements in the front, good from the side.
9.9.2001 Porvoo Conny Byström, SwedenOpenBOS, WD Masculine head that could be a bit longer in side sihouette. Wish more neck. Very nice body. Short and square with good bone and normal angulations. Moves with very good step length. Excellent color, nicely presented in good condition.
2.9.2001 EspooErnest van den Broeck, BelgiumOpenBOB, WD Good head, ears eyes and bite. Good expression. Good under line. Good back except a bit slanting loin. Front legs could be straighter. Good movement.
28.7.2001 Pori IntBlaz Kavcic, SloveniaOpenWD-2, res-Cacib Excellent type. Good size. Correct head, good expression. Neck of medium length and strength. Strongly pronounced withers. Good body. Correct angulation. Excellent movement.
15.7.2001 VantaaAdolfo Spector, ArgentinaOpenBOS, WD Excellent size, bite, temperament and front. Would like a longer muzzle and better angulated rear.
26.5.2001 Helsinki Int, AptusColm Hastings, IrelandOpenBOS, WD, CacibGood pleasing outline with dignified expression. Well balanced head, good eye, bite and ear placement, good reach of neck going to well laid shoulders, pleasing topline, good depth of brisket, elbow straight front well laid on hocks, moved vith propels, well handled and presented.
19.5.2001 Eurajoki Robin Searle, Great BritainOpenBOS, WD, Cert, FIN CHGood hight. Good depth of brisket and good body condition. Nice head, could do a little bit more up. Good topline and predictable strong loin. Moves well. Temperament good. Tail too gay on the move.
6.5.2001 Helsinki Reijo Latvala, FinlandOpenWD-2, Cert Classy dog. Good head. Good neck. Good withers. Could be a bit more angulated in the front. Good upper line. Good body. Good rear. Good movements. Nice temperament.
28.4.2001 Lahti IntMarion Spavin, Great BritainOpenWD-4Nice quality head. Nice expression. Excellent front and feet. Deep brisket. Fall away to the loin. Nice quarters. Need time. Sound, free mover.
17.3.2001 Pori IntTorbjörn Skaar, NorwayIntermediateWD-2, Cert, CacibVery good as a whole. Well balanced dog. Good head and expression. Very good neck, good body and bone. Well angulated front and rear. Moves well. Well presented.
23.10.1999 HyvinkääSari Timonen, FinlandPuppy 5-7 mosBOS-puppy, Honorary Award

Beautiful blue color. Well angulated in front and back. A bit slanting loin. Beautiful yet feminine head. Good bite. Beautiful dark eyes. Needs handling practise.


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